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Bathroom Ideas for Modern Lifestyles

Find the perfect fixture to fit any home’s lifestyle, and choose from naturally inspired bath accessories that are both modern and minimalist in design, and flawless in function. ADM’s products are artfully conceived, cost-effective and the highest quality, built to meet the needs of any home.

Modern Collections for Every Home

ADM Bathroom Design offers several featured collections to meet the needs of any modern home, regardless of design. These range from freestanding and clawfoot bathtubs of varying shapes and sizes to freestanding sinks that can accommodate the tightest of spaces. Round, oval, square, and rectangular sinks are in stock, and we offer wall-mounted bathroom sinks as well.

Our wall sinks are minimalist in design and convenient in function. Choose a small sink attached to a wall or compact countersinks that fit right where they need to. The countertop bathroom sinks in our catalog come in a variety of creative shapes and sizes

Unique Tubs, Sinks, and Accessories

Whether you need freestanding bathtubs or freestanding bathroom sinks to accommodate limited space, you can also complement these with our unique array of bathroom accessories. ADM’s range of mirrors, drawer units, and shower panels are top of the line and represent the best quality and affordability you’ll find on the market.

Bathtub Fillers

ADM also offers the ideal bathtub fillers; these elegant and modern choices include solid brass fixtures with brushed nickel, matte black, chrome, or titanium gold finishes. From bathtubs to sinks, fillers, and accessories, ADM Bathroom Design has you covered for the most modern, elegant, minimalist, and functional bathroom furnishings that serve their purpose and don’t get in the way.

Learn more about these factory direct products and more by viewing our online catalog, gallery, and FAQs. Make a purchase or request a sample today, or call 888-864-5853 for assistance.

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