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Tips To Refinish Old Bathtubs June 24 2014

Bathtubs are the centerpiece of all bathrooms, especially freestanding ones. They help in having a relaxed bathing experience after spending a long day working in the office, taking care of the house, or even a vacation. People who do not have bathtubs have to take shower while standing. They cannot sit back, amidst bubbles and hot water to let their stress and tiredness wear away. To understand the pleasure of hot water bubble baths, one must have this luxury in their bathroom.

Bathtubs once bought and installed, can last for decades if taken care of well. They do not require much maintenance, unlike your other bathroom fixtures. Just make sure to keep them clean, dry (when not in use), and free from mold and leakage. However, even after good care, some of the bathtubs start looking dull and old due to the weariness of the color or finish. They will start developing a tarnished look making them unappealing. If you have a tarnished old bathtub in your house, you can make it look like a new one by refinishing it with simple tips.

However, before thinking about refinishing, you must think about the cost involved. Removing the old bathtub, getting it refinished, and reinstalling it can be very expensive. This is why it is very important to choose the most ideal one for your lifestyle before purchasing and/or installing it. If you are unable to spend much, it is better to invest in a new bathtub altogether. It will cost much more than removing the old one, but buying a new one will last you longer. However, if you love your old one, follow these simple tips for refinishing.

• Clean the tub: Before starting the refinishing work, you must clean your bathtub properly. Removing any anti-slip coverage, mineral deposit, mold or grease of any kind. You can use special cleaners that available locally to clean the bathtub properly before refinishing. If there is any kind of residue left on the surface of the tub, it will affect the bonding agents in adhering.

Design Bathtub

 • Sand the tub: Now using a good quality industrial sanding paper or machine sander, you must sand the tub to remove any tarnished areas on the surface (start with coarse sandpaper and gradually increase to finer sandpaper for a smooth touch). It will help in removing the entire layer of the old finish. Moreover, sanding the surface will create a good surface and porous surface for the bonding agents to adhere to well. Wipe down the bathtub thoroughly to remove all residues.

• Apply bonding agent: After sanding and cleaning it well, you can spray the bonding agent to the surface of the bathtub. It will help keep the paint for a long period of time.

 • Paint it (Skip this step if you like the color the way it is after applying the bonding agent): Apply the paint of your desired color. Try to brush in one direction using thin smooth coats. Do not leave any type of lumps anywhere on the surface of the tub. Keep at least one hour of a gap between each coat. It will give enough time to dry before applying the new coat. You can also use a spray paint gun to spray paint in even coats.

After all this, you must leave the bathtub for at least 2 days to dry well. Protect it from any kind of moisture or grime during its drying period. In case you do not want to do it yourself, you should take help from a professional refinisher.

All You Need To Know About Freestanding Bathtubs May 20 2014

The hot trend of freestanding bathtubs is spreading like wildfire. Every homemaker wants to have one in their bathroom due to the classy modern look they present. They are getting rid of the old built in ones and reinstating them with these. The decision of selecting a bathtub is never a quick one, thus it should be researched and compared to others.

You have to think about your space, budget, and your needs while selecting the bathtub. Choosing them just because everyone has a freestanding bathtub is definitely a lame excuse. Bathtubs are one of the priciest fixtures for the bathroom, hence you should evaluate before buying them. Do a basic research about free standing bathtub materials; it can save you a lot of trouble later down the line. Here are some points about freestanding bathtubs. Read them and decide for yourself:

Free Standing Tubs

      • Why should you buy them: Freestanding bathtubs look great in the bathroom, giving it a lavish feeling. You will feel like having a spa retreat in your own bathroom, which is less fulfilling with the conventional ones. Moreover, you can decorate an area around the bathtub to make it look more opulent. It is a style statement of the modern era bathroom.

      • What are the materials popular for freestanding tubs: Several materials are used to make these, mostly the ones ideal for any bathtub. Popular materials used for freestanding tubs are stone, acrylic, solid surface, copper, wood, cast iron, and fiberglass. While selecting the material, make sure you are capable of cleaning it and maintaining it well, in addition to assessing the pros and cons.

Curved Bathtub

      • Placement of the freestanding tub: Often people are confused about the placement of the tub in their bathroom. The best place for a freestanding tub is anywhere you want. The beauty about most free standing bathtubs is that they are finished on all sides; this gives you the option of placing the bathtub in any locations with any direction.

       • Buy them carefully: While buying you freestanding bathtub, keep the measurement template handy with you. It will help in getting the right size. Moreover, make sure to measure the largest person using the tub. If you cannot fit in the tub with legs extended, it is of no use. Try to find the most comfortable fit.

Circular Bathtub

      • Be ready with the installation plan: Freestanding bathtubs are extremely easy to install. Simple connect the drain to the rough-in plumbing, secure the bathtub to its installed location, and you are ready for full relaxation. Try to plan the installation according to your bathroom layout before beginning bathtub shopping.

      • Combine bathtub and shower for better use of space: If you want to use the space properly in the bathroom, try to combine shower with tub. Have a look at the various smart modern looking shower head-tub combinations.

You can pick from a wide range of freestanding bathtubs available at ADM Bathroom Designs ideas. They have high quality, affordable, and chic looking tubs suiting your bathing needs. Visit their online store to have a look at their various models. Their customer service is willing to assist in finding the perfect end result.

Traditional to Trendy- Different kinds of Bathroom Sinks May 09 2014

With these new times and needs of society, the basic structure of a bathroom has changed drastically. We have seen everything from a basic enclosure to the luxurious lavish bathroom. Bathroom sinks being an essential part of restrooms functionality and style is given a lot of options. There are different styles of bathroom sinks available which varying to the choice and preference of the person using it. Bowl shaped, basic oval shaped, round, square, freestanding, attached to the wall, countertop sink or under mount are the types of sinks that you can choose from.

There are different types of materials used in making sinks, but which is the perfect one?Let us find out some pros and cons of popular sinks used worldwide.

Vitreous china or porcelain is one of the popular types of sink used in bathrooms worldwide. They are easy to clean and do not develop mould easily. Even though it is popular, the porcelain sink is unable to bear the vigorous pressures. They can easily be chipped or develop cracks if something falls on it. They are also known to be the most fragile of materials used to make bathroom fixtures, i.e. sinks.

Sinks made from tempered glass also looks good but they cannot bear weight or pressure like the ceramic ones. They can be shattered into pieces causing serious damage to the restroom and even you. However, due to the classy and chic look of these sinks, they attract the eyes of many homeowners.

Acrylic sinks are very popular in some parts of the world due to the light weight structure and different shapes available. However, they cannot bear any type of heat. It can be risky to use them if you are habitual of leaving your straightening iron on the sink while styling your hair.

While buying the perfect sink for your bathroom, it is essential to choose them correctly according to your lifestyle. If you are unable to take out enough time for cleaning the bathroom, choose easy to clean options. Secure your sink with a sturdy countertop so that you can distribute the weight of your bathroom essentials without damaging the product. If you are habitual in using heating tools or styling tools, make sure your countertop and sink are high heat resistant.

Also, consider the space in the bathroom, before choosing the sink or the counter top. Some of the sinks require a countertop like vessel sinks or bowl shaped sinks. They will take up extra space in the bathroom. Apart from this, you must also consider the color of the sink before buying it. Some of the shades look very different even though they are same color.

Like the different brands of bathroom fixtures, there are also different shades of white. Therefore, try to match the color of the sink with your tile, wall, countertop, and bathtub to maintain the theme. Apart from this, you can also take help from a professional designer to help remodel your bathroom.

Match Your Bathroom with Your Lifestyle April 13 2014

Automatic locks, double door refrigerators, alarm clocks, reminder on the cell phones, shopping cards and much more, we make so many changes in our life to make it easy and convenient. From our shopping to our living, we have pretty much enhanced or modified everything from top to bottom. From home cooked meals to smart ready to eat ones, and soap to body washes there is so much developed to reduce our time intensive tasks. In this busy lifestyle, time wasting or haphazard activities are the last thing on our list. When you are making changes in everything, why not your bathroom.


Make it smarter and user friendly. A bathroom is not only a place to have bath and clean yourself, but also a place where you can get rid of all the tiredness and weariness from the hard work and stress. You can spend some time yourself in the bathtub surrounded by soothing aroma of the bubble bath gel and those fragrant incenses. You have to go with the smarter options of bathtub, sinks, countertops and panels, which are easy to clean and manage.


A perfect bathroom installation will be space friendly and tidy. You can choose the bathtubs and counter tops made from solid surface material. It is easy to clean, maintain them even during your busy lifestyle. They need just a single wipe of a dry cloth and you are sorted. Apart from this, the smart designs and patterns make it more accurate to a modern homemaker. Easy storage options, convenient space coverage and various combo options to reduce the space usage in small bathrooms. You have to make certain modification in this intimate space so that it supports your busy lifestyle instead of making it more difficult.

Renovate Your Bathroom Space in A Few Simple Steps March 25 2014

Renovating the bathroom space can add a touch of fresh elegance to any house regardless of style. Home owners generally do not spend much time in making these spaces attractive. All you can find in the bathroom is boring bathtubs, sinks, faucets, mirrors and showerheads. Add some colors to your life by renovating the bathroom with a few simple steps.

These steps are easy, but you will need some help from your builder, plumber, or contractor unless you are professional in that aspect.

Change the Tiles: Okay people, get rid of those boring laminated tiles and say hello to the marble flooring. Marble, granite, or porcelain tile look fantastic in bathrooms. It is available in different styles and colors, thus you can freshen up the overall look by just installing them.


Switch the Sink: Are you still using those boring sinks in your bathroom made of cheap material and finish? Throw them out right now, because you need a solid surface stone resinwall mounted bathroom sink which is available in either a matte or glossy finish. Try oval, circular, rectangular, squared or trough style bathroom sinks according to enhance your theme and available space.


Standalone Bathtub Exchange: Remove that fixed bathtub. You must bring a standalone one this instance. Standalone, or freestanding bathtubs, can save a lot of space, installation, and fixture issues in your bathroom space. With a creative and modern design, you can make your entire bathroom seem more up to date and rich.


Vanities and Countertops: These are better than your floor mounted cabinets and looks stylish as well. Create a personal touch by putting some pictures, candles and mellow but sweet fragrances on the countertop along with chic and stylish towels.

You can get some ideas and tips on how to make that bathroom more opulent through bathroom design companies such as ADM. For modern bathroom ideas and to buy creative bathroom accessories and fixtures, visit ADM Bathroom Design.

Light Up Your Bathroom with Fun Accessories March 25 2014

Whoever thinks that bathrooms are only places to have a bath and nothing else, needs to update his knowledge. It is the place where you can pamper yourself with a relaxing bath, have fun with your kids with bubble baths, or spend some romantic time with your loved one. Not only do you prep yourself for the day,but alsotone down your night with relaxing fragrances and candles in your bathroom.

How about lighting up your bathroom a bit more with a couple of essential yet fun bathroom accessories.

  • Vanity Countertops

Who said the bathroom has to look boring and dull with those old regular rectangular countertops. Add color to them with vanity shelves. You can utilize the space better with built-in shelves and countertops all in one. Apart from this, it reserves the space on the countertop as well as adding some space for some flowers,photographs, towels, soaps, etc.

  • Shelved Shower Panels

Are you worried about the limited space in your shower? Want Stand alone Bathtubs and shelves all in one space? You can use smart shelved shower panels to reduce the space usage. Apart from resolving space issues, they add a touch of modernity as well to your bathroom.

  • Furniture

If you spend time in the bathroom to prep yourself, stools chairs can be quite helpful. Add a comfortable feel in the bathroom with shaped stools of your liking. Try on the solid surface seating instead of the wooden or metal ones for durability and style.

Apart from all this, you can make your bathroom space more attractive with classy stylish mirrors, curvy and oval Standalone Bathtubs and sinks. Visit ADM Bathroom Design for creative bathroom accessories, sinks, and bathtubs.

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