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How do you drill faucet holes or drain holes?

A step-by-step guide to drilling a faucet/bathtub filler hole:

Tools Needed:

  1. Pencil (not pen)
  2. Tape measure
  3. Rafter Square
  4. Drill
  5. 1/4" Hole Saw Arbor
  6. Diamond Grit Hole Saw
  7. Industrial Grade Acetone
  8. Clean Rag
  9. Disposable gloves (use at all times)
  10. Chemical Respirator Mask and Appropriate Eye Protection (use at all times)

Let's Begin:

  1. Using the pencil and tape measure, mark the spot where you would like to drill the faucet hole/s. Typically, the spots for a sink should be marked in the center (left to right, front to back) of the faucet deck directly behind the sink bowl. If your desired faucet has separate handles (left and/or right) mark those as well. The distance between hole to hole varies depending on preference and/or the make and model of the faucet/bathtub filler chosen.
  2. Check underneath the fixture to make sure that each marked spot on the opposite side does not interfere with the structure or functionality of the fixture when drilled. Take into account the diameter of the diamond grit hole saw that will soon be used. Common drilling mistakes include but are not limited to: drilling into the material thickness of the fixtures construction, not calculating additional surface area underneath or on the opposite side for the faucet hole cover plate or fastening nut/s, drilling a hole in an area that will interfere with a wall mounted bracket or lag bolt location, etc.
  3. Using light to moderate force, drill a pilot hole in each marked spot from the top (visibly installed side) using the 1/4" hole saw arbor while the fixture is on a leveled surface and the drill is perpendicularly aligned with the faucet/tub filler deck. After each pilot hole is drilled, place the 1/4" hole saw arbor into the pilot hole and drill (again with light to moderate force) the faucet/bathtub filler hole using a diamond grit hole saw with the dimension desired or needed for your chosen faucet/bathtub filler. Typical dimensions used are 1", 1-1/4", 1-3/8" and 1-1/2". It is best to check the faucet/bathtub filler specification sheet and/or the manufacturer of the chosen faucet/bathtub filler to confirm.
  4. Lastly, discard of the drilled out material along with any residue from the drilling. For any pencil markings left, apply a small amount of industrial grade acetone to a clean rag and clean the surface. If for any reason you still have markings that need to be removed, contact our staff for specific instructions. Instructions may vary depending on the model, finish, marking type, etc. Be sure to always use the appropriate eye, respiratory, and hand protection.


What is our Stone Resin Solid Surface material?

Our Solid Surface Stone Resin is a compact, high-quality surface material. The composition is durable, soft to the touch, and easily repaired. Majority of our applications involve the matte finish due to its rich feel and easy care & maintenance.

What makes ADM’s products unique?

  • Natural insulator and warmer to the touch.
  • High stain resistance.
  • The option of choosing between Matte and Glossy White as the finish for all our designs (some color options available).
  • Solid casting and hand sanding ensure the utmost precision, quality control, and care.
  • Drillable material opens the option for a deck mounted tub filler.
  • The material can be painted and polished if desired.
  • Integrated overflows hide the unnecessarily visible plumbing.
  • Easy to clean with soapy water and sponge; for stubborn scratches and dirt, use fine sandpaper to buff out and make like-new (matte only).


How can I go about purchasing one of your products?

Feel free to purchase directly from our website or from a local dealer near you. If you are a re-seller or you are purchasing in bulk, please contact us directly for pricing and availability at info@admbathroomdesign.com or 888-864-5853.

Do you have a showroom near me where I can view your catalog?

Yes, we have a showroom in Vernon, California where we can make appointments for viewing. If you cannot make the drive, please call us at 888-864-5853 for options or free samples.

Can your wall mount sinks be installed as countertops or under mounts as well?

Most of our wall mounted sinks can be installed on countertops. As long as the sink is leveled below, then you can use the outer rim to rest on the counter. Call for a more detailed explanation and availability.

What is the lead time to get some products from ADM?

We carry a large stock of nearly our entire catalog to ensure reliability. There are some items that are made-to-order. Typically, once the order is placed, we will ship within 1-2 business days after; shipping transit times vary from 1-7 business days depending on location. It is best to check with an ADM associate prior to ordering to be on the same side.

If I live in another country, can I purchase ADM products?

Yes, we will ship worldwide and use our most reliable and insured shipping carriers as options to present. You can also arrange for your own shipping as well if desired.

Who do I speak to if I have any issues with the product quality or installation?

Please call and speak to our award winning customer service specialists at 888-864-5853.

Does my product/s come with a warranty?

Yes, our entire catalog is backed by our 10-year finish and functionality warranty.

Does your catalog come with any additional hardware for installation or use?

Yes, our products come with the necessary hardware for installation and usage (minus rough-in’s or traps). Shower panels come with all of the necessary mounting hardware.

  1. Bathtubs come with drains (Solid Surface Stone Resin white or chrome as options) and overflow built-in and integral to the body. Built-in overflows allow for any direction and placement installation.
  2. Sinks come with faucet holes drilled (if needed), drains, brackets & lag bolts (if necessary), and overflows (some styles only).
  3. Shower panels come with wall mounted brackets and all visible accessories. Shower panels do not come with mixing valves; mixing valves should be installed manually behind the shower panel.
  4. All stools and accessories come with the necessary mounting or functionality hardware.
  5. Tub fillers are cUPC (IAPMO) certified, and come with all of the necessary mounting and functionality hardware.


Do your sinks come with pre-drilled faucet holes in the counter of the sink?

Our sinks come from the factory SEALED off. If you would like faucet holes, please let us know where, how many, and what size diameter/s. Having trouble getting this information? E-mail us at info@admbathroomdesign.com or call us at 888-864-5853 where a specialist will be able to help you further. We will not ship the sink unless we have the instructions to be sure to let us know or allow us to help gain that information.

Can you expedite my orders shipment?

We might be able to expedite your shipment, but this all depends on the shipment size and weight. For the most part, freight shipping cannot be expedited unless noted before or under certain circumstances.

If an item is out of stock, when can I expect it to arrive?

It is best to check with a sales associate as they will have information for availability. Most of the catalog is stocked year round, but stock fluctuates randomly due to larger placed orders.

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