Cubic Bath Stool S-105 - ADM Bathroom Design

S-105 (16 x 12)




Simple and Modern, this ADM Bathroom Design Stool has a cubic design and fits into any shower space or can be used to maximize space in your bathroom. The S-105 can be conveniently used to hold shoes, magazines, towels, and other necessities. This stool has a plated chrome-plated steel design with a durable white stone resin composite seat and it is available in a matte or glossy finish.

Item #:
Product Size (inches): 15-11/16 L x 11-13/16 W x 16-7/8 H Inches
Material: Solid Surface
Color / Finish: Matte White (Glossy Optional)
Product Weight: 13 lbs


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Accessories come with the necessary equipment for product assembly.

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