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SW-149 (70 x 39)




The SW-149 is a large size bathtub with a modern curved half egg oval design. All of our bathtubs are fabricated from a durable solid white stone resin composite and available in either a matte or glossy finish. This non-symmetrical, ellipses and the oval designed freestanding tub will surely be the center of attention and will add a modern and contemporary feel to your new bathroom. Its height from drain to overflow will give plenty of space for any individual to enjoy a soothing and comfortable relaxing bathtub experience. The SW-149 has one side that is more narrow than the other. This bathtub has a center drain to the base.

Item #:
Product Size (inches): 70-1/16 L x 38-9/16 W x 20-1/16 H Inches
Material: Solid Surface/Stone Resin
Color / Finish: Matte White (Glossy Optional)
Product Weight: 365 lbs


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This bathtub comes with: A complimentary pop-up drain (Does NOT include any additional piping). All of our bathtubs come equipped with an overflow. The overflow is built integral to the body of the bathtub and leads down to the drain assembly (provided for free). There is only one rough-in waste pipe necessary to drain both the overflow and drain assembly (no visible piping). Please ensure that all of the seals are tightened properly to prevent leaks before completing an installation.

If you require an easier installation for our freestanding bathtubs, look into purchasing the Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit for Free Standing Bathtubs. You can purchase this through our accessories page on our website. There is an option to purchase in Cast Iron or PVC. See link below:

Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit

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