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Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit




The Bathtub Rough-In Drain Kit is built with a metal deck flange and either a cast iron or PVC body. This rough-in drain kit is a great alternative for opening up the ceiling below to install the bathtub drain or having major slab work done to make room. No need for crawl space access to have your freestanding bathtub installed any longer. Purchase one of these rough-in drain kits to simplify your freestanding bathtub installation.
  • 18 Gauge Epoxy Coated Metal Deck Flange
  • Can be installed with Waterproofing Membrane
  • Can be used on wooden subfloor or on a concrete slab
  • Includes 1.5″ wide brass tailpiece
  • Built-in Snap-off test cap, for water, air, and smoke testing
    Item #: FBD-357 and FBD-5135
    Product Size (inches): 7 L x 6-1/4 W x 3-7/8 H Inches
    Product Weight: 3 lbs
    Material: Cast Iron (FBD-357) or PVC (FBD-5135) with Brass Flange Tail Piece and Lock Nut


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    Installation Video Link:


    Accessories come with the necessary equipment for product assembly.

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