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DW-161 (20 x 20)




The DW-161 is a great looking sink made of durable white stone resin composite with a square shelved shape and contemporary style design. The stone resin material comes in a matte and glossy finish. This wall or counter mounted sink will surely be a great addition to your already stylish bathroom. This sink will add a neat and modern touch to your new renovation with its elegance and high-quality construction.

Product Size (inches): 19-11/16 L x 19-11/16 W x 9-13/16 Inches
Material: Solid Surface/Stone Resin
Color / Finish: Matte White (Glossy Optional)
Product Weight: 26.4 lbs
Mount: Wall Mounted / Countertop


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All sinks come sealed off from the factory; pre-drilled deck hole/s upon request only. 

The Buyer must e-mail us before noon the next business day for deck drill instructions. Please include the location, quantity, and diameter of the hole/s. Deck drilling is FREE and done by ADM professionals prior to shipping.

All sinks come with a complimentary chrome drain (Does not including any additional piping or rough-ins).

No sink is sold with a faucet fixture.

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